Online Baccarat: A Brief History

Baccarat is an elegant game, and playing baccarat online is particularly classy. To make playing even better, we give you tips on how to play baccarat and, above all, how to win at baccarat. So let’s start by understanding this game.

Many believe that baccarat is based on an ancient ritual of Etruscan civilization in which a virgin has to roll for her fate. Later, in the 13th century, it was revived in Italy and played with simple tarot cards. At that time, it was withheld from the aristocrats, and the best baccarat games were played in the noble houses of Italy and later France.

It can be assumed that all wealthy young men knew how to play baccarat, although not everyone knew how to win at baccarat! With online games, it is much easier to develop a winning strategy because you can practice as much as you want in the top baccarat casinos and perfect your game.

How To Play Baccarat

Punto Banco is the most common form of online baccarat. There are other versions of online baccarat, but we will explain the version you are likely to play most often. This is also the simplest version and a good place to start. Enjoy some of the best baccarat games in this format in our online casino recommendations, and if you feel confident with this basic version, you can discover other forms of this game as well.

Regardless of whether you play baccarat online or offline, at the beginning of each game, 2 hands with 2 cards are dealt with. One is the hand of the player or punto, the other one of the bank or banco. It is important to note that the player or the bank itself cannot make moves even though the hands have these names.

Before the cards are dealt, you must bet which hand is higher. The cards with numbers have the indicated value, except for the 10, which is worth 0 points. The picture cards are all worth 0, and the ace is 1. The total value is determined by adding up the 2 cards and then leaving out the tens. For example, a sheet of 7 and 4 is worth 1 and not 11.

There are special rules that determine when a hand receives another card and when it doesn’t, but as I said, you have no control over it. The top baccarat casinos that you can find with our help do it automatically. Usually, 6 or 8 sets of cards are used, although there are also casinos that only use 1 set of cards. This gives you much better chances, and you will find that these are often the best baccarat games.